28658 Expansion Joint - 40 Amp Steel Bar

28658    Expansion Joint - 40 Amp Steel Bar
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Product Description

Cluster Bar Expansion Section Galvanized Steel - 40A - With Bolted Splice, Bar Length = 6 Ft each, Factory Assembled With Overlapping Design to Provide Continuous Contact With Collector Shoes to Compensate for Thermal Expansion. Common Applications: Small Cranes, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Monorail Hoists, Conveyors, Tightly Curved Systems, Switches, Small Spaces, Hangar Doors, Moving Cameras and Instruments, Max Voltage = 600 V, Max Speed = 600 ft/min, Spacing Between Bars = 0.75 Inches, Cover Temp Range = -10 to 160 degF, Indoor Environment Only, Expansion Sections Are Used at All Structural Expansions Joints and for Systems Longer Than 141 Ft to Allow for Thermal Expansion / Contraction of the Bar. The Expansion Section is Installed in Place of One Length of Conductor Bar. Duracoat Option Not Available.