50762-J 1500 Amp Orange Cover - Power Interrupting Section

50762-J    1500 Amp Orange Cover - Power Interrupting Section
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Hevi-Bar II Dura-Coat, PVC Bar - 1500 Amp - Orange, Phase / Indoors, Bar Length = 30. 0 ft each, Common Applications: Power Interrupting Sections Provide a Dead or Safe Zone Between Adjacent, Separately Powered Zones of the System. Each Section is Installed in Place of one Length of Conductor Bar. It is Recommended that Power Interrupting Sections are not Mounted in Ground Conductors so that the Ground is Never Disconnected. These Sections Can Only be Used in Dry, Clean Conditions. Power can be Shut off in a Designated Area Along a Bar System, Either to Safely Maintain Vehicles, or for Some Other Purpose, While Leaving the Rest of the System Powered. The Shut off Zone can be Configured at the End (Order Qty = 1 Required) or in the Middle (Order Qty = 2 Required) of the System Using a "Power Interrupting Section". Note: Tandem Collectors can Bridge Across the "Isolation Joint" of an Isolation Section, so Enough Power Feeds and Isolation Sections Must be Used to Ensure Correct Power Switching.