HFE-3008-2H10-SC 350 Amp Gray (Outdoor) Cover Exp Joint - Heated

HFE-3008-2H10-SC   350 Amp Gray (Outdoor) Cover Exp Joint - Heated
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Heated Fig 8 Rolled Copper Expansion Joint - 350 Amp - Gray, Bar Length = 10 Ft each, Common Applications: Small to Medium Overhead Cranes, Moderate Curves, Max Voltage = 600 V, Cover Temp Range = -10 to 160 degF, Outdoor Environment, Expansion Sections Are Used at All Structural Expansions Joints and for Systems Longer Than 300 Ft to Allow for Thermal Expansion / Contraction of the Bar. The Expansion Section is Installed in Place of One Length of Conductor Bar. Contact Us for Detailed Analysis Related to Expansion Gap Design. Heated Conductor Systems Must Be Designed for Specific Heating Capabilities Based Upon Length and Number of Conductors. The Heating Elements Are Calculated by the Factory to Produce the Desired Wattage Output. Note: Wiring Diagrams and External Circuit Layouts are Provided With Each Complete System.